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Ground transport: On stream
Ground transport: On streamBy Rob Gill

We’re used to consuming entertainment using online subscription models, so could travellers soon be streaming ground transport via Mobility as a... KEEP READING

Rail booking: Wishing and hoping
Rail booking: Wishing and hopingBy Dave Richardson

With reviews into the rail sector underway, BBT takes stock of the current state of booking practices and asks industry experts what they’d want changed... KEEP READING

Rail: Time for change
Rail: Time for changeBy Dave Richardson

Failings in the UK’s rail services have prompted the Williams review, but with £14 billion worth of investment planned, are improvements on the way?... KEEP READING

Rail booking: Just the ticket?
Rail booking: Just the ticket?By Dave Richardson

Train operators, TMCs and travel technology firms are improving delay compensation, auto-refunds and e-ticketing. But business travellers have yet to... KEEP READING

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