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Payment Developments to Enhance Your Corporate Travel Programme30 Nov 2021, 1100 GMT/1200 CETWatch Now
New developments in payment- ranging from contactless, virtual and expense integration- are prompting corporations and their travellers to review the latest options. How can these payment trends cut costs while enhancing services for travellers, finance and travel managers? Register now for this 60-minute BTN Europe thought-leadership webinar, sponsored by TripActions, as our panel talks about the trends and implications for business travel, including:
  • New Technologies
  • Demand for Integration
  • Safety and security


Helen Hodgkinson, Consultant, Festive Road
Benjamin Park, Senior Director Procurement & Travel, Parexel International
Jen Bankard, Senior Director of Content Solutions & Conferences, The BTN Group

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Yesterday’s Commuter = Tomorrow’s Business Traveller?15 Sep 2021, 15.00 CETWatch Now
As working models continue to evolve, this no doubt impacts the role of the travel manager and could fundamentally change the definition of a business trip. The commute from home to a company location may now be considered a business trip. What was formerly workspace could now be considered meeting space. And as corporate real estate footprints shrink, there is potential need for more external meeting facilities. Yet few companies have thought through these implications. From interactions with stakeholders, changes to the T&E policy, as well as supplier negotiations, these are the must-knows for this new era of travel and work.

Register now for this 60-minute BTN Europe thought-leadership webinar, sponsored by TripActions, to hear from industry experts and they provide guidance on the questions your organisation should be asking as you navigate this next phase of return to office and travel.
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How to Support Your Organisation’s Sustainable Future23 June 2021, 15.00 CETWatch Now
With the global focus on sustainability, many organisations are publicly announcing their carbon reduction timelines and plans for how they will reduce and offset their carbon emissions. Travel programmes play a key role in helping companies meet these timelines, thus, travel managers need access to cutting edge analytics and emissions calculators.

If you need real-time, key analytics to help you make smart decisions for your programme and provide you with information to report to senior management, register now for this BTN Group Content Solutions webinar, with content developed and sponsored by TripActions. Learn how their new offerings can provide your programme with the analytical insights needed to build carbon budgets, identify carbon offenders, calculate carbon trip offset costs and build strategies to reduce carbon emissions- all to support your organisation’s sustainable future.