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The green routes
The green routesBy Gary Noakes

Rail travel's increased profile has been fuelled in part by corporate desire to reduce environmental impact, but car providers are making green inroads... KEEP READING

Back-seat riders
Back-seat ridersBy Catherine Chetwynd

Taxis, ride-sharing and chauffeur transfers are being seen in a new light as business travel policies adjust to the 'new normal'... KEEP READING

Driving change
Driving changeBy Rob Gill

Car rental has been viewed as a safer form of travel during Covid but there could be bumps in the road as business travel recovers... KEEP READING

Right on time
Right on timeBy Nick Easen

Rail travel across Europe is evolving - and so are business travel patterns and preferences... KEEP READING

New directions
New directionsBy Rob Gill

Ground transport is helping to drive the return of business travel as the world emerges from the pandemic, but how are travel policies changing in... KEEP READING

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