BTN's What to Watch 2017

Buyers Break the Hotel Procurement Cycle
Buyers Break the Hotel Procurement CycleBy Advito managing director April Bridgeman

Change is constant. Digital is magnifying stale practices that are in need of reinvention. This environment signals a glaring misalignment between hotel management and market dynamics. Procurement has... KEEP READING

Trump's Transportation Policies Will Reveal Themselves
Trump's Transportation Policies Will Reveal ThemselvesBy Former Secretary of Transportation James Burnley, as told to BTN's Michael B. Baker

From the moment he descended the Trump Tower escalator to announce his candidacy for U.S. president, Donald Trump has defied predictions. Nailing down what President Trump will mean for transportation... KEEP READING

Predictive Analytics Will Level-Up Duty of Care
Predictive Analytics Will Level-Up Duty of CareBy PlanetRisk chief strategy officer Mark Dumas

The complexity and frequency of world events significantly threaten and impact travelers more so every day. The world is interconnected and events can cascade into a chain reaction of delays,... KEEP READING

'Road Warrior' Becomes an Outdated Term
'Road Warrior' Becomes an Outdated TermBy American Express Global Business Travel EMEA regional director Philip Haxne

Frequent business travelers have for many years been labeled road warriors. It comes from a time when business travel was an arduous, often lonely and disconnected experience. To use that term now is a... KEEP READING

How 2016 Will Impact 2017 TMC Economics
How 2016 Will Impact 2017 TMC EconomicsBy Partnership Travel Consulting CEO Andy Menkes

To say that there were dramatic changes in 2016 would be an understatement, but a few major travel "events" will have a longer-term impact on travel management company financial models, which ultimately... KEEP READING

The Retailing Revolution Arrives
The Retailing Revolution ArrivesBy Festive Road managing partner Caroline Strachan

Has anyone else noticed the words "retailing" and "merchandising" being used more than ever before: travel suppliers talking about themselves as retailers and about defining strategies that enable them... KEEP READING

Corporate Travel Must Personalize
Corporate Travel Must PersonalizeBy GoldSpring Consulting partner Will Tate

Personalization seems to be everywhere these days, from item suggestions when you log on to Amazon to the promoted photos and ads in your social media feeds. This level of personalization tends to be a... KEEP READING

The Golden Age of Travel, Huh?
The Golden Age of Travel, Huh?By Oracle director of global sourcing & global process owner Rita Visser

I know I am not the only one looking to the next few months with a keen eye. People are wondering how our country will change or if it will change at all.... KEEP READING

Data Strategy Will Step to the Forefront
Data Strategy Will Step to the ForefrontBy Traxo chief commercial officer Cara Whitehill

2017 will see data strategy emerge as a foundational priority for both corporate travel managers and the travel management companies they work with: How do you capture the full spectrum of travel... KEEP READING