Brought to you by The BTN Group and, this five-city one-day Global Travel Risk Summit series (London, New York, San Francisco, Chicago, and Houston) is focused on educating corporate travel buyers, procurement professionals, human resources, legal and risk professionals and IT on meeting legal obligations and executing safe and secure travel

Managing risk is just as important as managing cost and it’s increasingly important to anyone who manages travel. When people hear “travel risk management,” their thoughts tend to go to earthquakes, volcanoes and riots. And yet, those are just the extreme incidents that make the news. Travel management involves dealing with risk every day in many less public situations – risk that can endanger your company and your travelers and potentially hurt your reputation. So the better you plan for and manage risk, the better off you are.

The Global Travel Risk Summit series is unique in that it departs from the traditional conference format and challenges participants to engage scenarios involving business travel risk management. The day will be filled with intensive education via forums, roundtables, and real-world immersion sessions (pitting crisis management teams against travel disruptions such as: weather disasters, civil unrest, contagious disease outbreaks, hotel lockdown and active shooter scenarios). Attendees will learn about best practices, benchmark current policies across industries, view the latest safety and security products and services available, participate in two immersive, real-world scenarios, and discover the results of the most recent research being conducted around the world.

The convergence of all disciplines is crucial when a crisis occurs, which is why all corporate executives (corporate travel buyers, procurement professionals, human resources, legal and risk professionals) who are directly or indirectly responsible for the legality, safety or security of mobile people, data or property, should attend.

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