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As vaccines take effect and employees return to the road, there are many duty of care considerations. Expert input is needed to create safeguards and emergency procedures in case the worst happens. What are the legal, safety, data and HR questions you must be prepared to answer?

Register now for this 45-minute BTN Europe In the Know webinar, with content developed and sponsored by TripActions. In this session, a panel of experts who have been travelling throughout the pandemic or advising companies on the legal and security implications of such, will answer the following questions:

  • How do you ensure travellers are not sick before they travel?
  • What do you do if travellers get sick on the road?
  • How do you ensure travellers follow testing/quarantine protocols when they return home?
  • How can companies support employees and their families when they are travelling?



Louise Kilgannon, Consultant, Festive Road
Sarah Balzani-Matulik, Security Manager, International SOS
Joanna Kolatis, Director, Themis Advisory Ltd

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