1. Call Me Ishmael Travel

51. Easy Avenues

PO Box 12961, Ongar, Essex, CM5 5BQ


Key people: 
Mark Woolcock Chief financial officer
Debbie Preston Senior executive
Mike Chisholm Senior executive
Mark Preston Senior executive
Julie Bennett Senior executive

Main industry sectors: All sectors

Other services: Conference, incentive, meetings, hospitality

Type of company: Privately owned

Transactions handled online: 50%

Transactions: Air 50% | Hotel 20% | Rail 5% | Car 4% | MICE 20% | Other 1%

Geographical breakdown of transactions:
UK/Ireland 0.8% | Short-haul 29.4% | Long-haul 69.8%

Top destinations: Short-haul - Spain, France, Portugal, Malta, Dublin; Long-haul - China, South Africa, Singapore, United States, Dubai

Office locations: Essex

UK full-time equivalent staff: 8
Average length of service: 8 years
Average industry experience: 24 years

GDS: Travelport (Galileo)

Online booking tools: Atriis

Expense management tools: Concur

Other technology: Umbrella, Midoco, Travelogix, Conferma

NDC content: Atriis

Biggest innovations in 2020: Integration of Umbrella, Atriis, Midoco, Travelogix and a newly launched blended proposition - clients can choose online booking, ‘white glove’ or a mixture of both.

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