BTN Europe’s annual leading TMCs report has changed much since its inception way back in 1997 – the magazine had a different title, they were not called TMCs, there were 100 of them and it only covered the UK. So it may seem ironic that following a year when the level of business travel is the lowest it has been for decades that the report is bigger than ever. To reflect the BTN Europe name better, this year’s rankings cover the continent – the UK national listing is still there but is now joined by France and Germany. Our expanded report also features separate rankings for the multinational TMCs and the TMC networks that have grown ever bigger over time. The annual Leading TMCs report has always been seen as an industry bible for the UK – now we hope it will become the same for Europe too.
Rankings compiled by Mark Frary and published May 2021

Discover the background to Europe's multinational TMCs whose presence span the continent, read analysis of the UK, French and German markets, and explore the mergers and acquisitions changing the industry

Europe's Leading TMCs ranked by size and profiled in depth, featuring specialist sectors served, key personnel, transaction breakdowns, technology provision, latest innovations, network memberships... and more

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