1. Call Me Ishmael Travel

12. Click Travel

Alpha Tower, Suffolk Street, Queensway, Birmingham, B1 1TT


Key people: 
James McLean Co-founder and Chief executive officer
Ed Eden Chief financial officer
Chris Vince Director of operations
Vicki Williams Director of sales and implementation
Robin Smith Chief product engineer

Main industry sectors: Retail, public sector, tech, construction, utilities, charities

Other services: MICE

Type of company: Privately owned

Transactions handled online: 97%

Transactions: Air 12% | Hotel 43% | Rail 39% | Car 1% | MICE 4% | Other 1%

Geographical breakdown of transactions: UK/Ireland - 56% | Short-haul - 34% | Long-haul 10%

Top destinations:
Ireland, Spain, Germany, France, Italy
US, Russia, Australia, Canada, India

Office locations: Birmingham

Association and network membership: Focus Travel Partnership

UK full-time equivalent staff: 140.1
Average length of service: 4.8 years
Average industry experience: 10.7 years

GDS: Travelport (Galileo)

Online booking tools: Click Travel platform

Expense management tools: Expensify

Other technology: The Click Travel platform provides an all-in-one solution, optimised for any device and free from punching-out to third party systems.

NDC content: Bespoke direct connections to suppliers including BA and Lufthansa, whilst retaining the ability to source it from third parties where preferred.

Biggest innovations in 2020: ClickCare delivers enhanced risk management and duty of care support, with features such as the ClickCare Hotel Search Filter and in-app travel alerts. In response to the challenges of Covid-19, ClickCare was taken from concept to launch in a matter of weeks by pivoting an in-house product engineering team.

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