1. Call Me Ishmael Travel

47. Beyond Business Travel

Scottish Provident Building, Belfast, Northern Ireland


Key people: 
Edel Doherty Chief executive officer & founder
Shauna Burns Managing director
Stephen Hutchinson Key account manager
Gary McGaughey Implementation manager
Cliff Garland Key account manager

Main industry sectors: Manufacturing, film & TV, IT

Other services: Auxiliary services, MICE, visa/passport, client updates, consultancy

Type of company: Privately owned

Transactions handled online: 50%

Air 53% | Hotel 28% | Rail 9% | Car 8% | MICE 2% | Other 0%

Geographical breakdown of transactions:
UK/Ireland 60% | Short-haul 40%

Top destinations: Short-haul - London, Belfast, Birmingham, Manchester, Amsterdam; Long-haul - NY, Stockholm, Shanghai, Dubai, Hong Kong

Office locations: Belfast, Dublin

Association and network membership: Advantage Travel Partnership, Focus Travel Partnership, WIN Travel Network

UK full-time equivalent staff: 9
Average length of service: 7 years
Average industry experience: 15 years

GDS: Amadeus

Online booking tools: Cytric

Other technology: Mobile Messenger

NDC content: Amadeus

Biggest innovations in 2020: Automating finance and reducing manual tasks

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