1. Call Me Ishmael Travel

Consultia Travel


C/ San Antonio, 40, 46910 · Sedaví – Valencia


Key people: 
Jose Carlos Martinez Sabater Chief executive officer
Juan Manuel Baixauli Chief operating officer
Renato Peña Commercial director MICE/groups
Paqui Tronchoni Céspedes Business development, sales & marketing
JuanMa Rubio Chief technology officer

Main industry sectors: Engineering, law, agriculture, retail, sports, telecoms

Other services: Concierge service, group travel, MICE

Type of company: Limited liability company

Transactions handled online: 100%

Office locations: Valencia, Zaragoza, Madrid, Porto

Association and network membership: GEBTA

Full-time equivalent employees: 30

GDS: Amadeus

Online booking tools: Octopus self-booking tool (proprietary)

Expense management tools: Octopus Tech Travel Management suite

Other technology: Octopus Tech Analytics reporting, carbon reporting, traveller tracking

NDC content: Via AirGateway

Biggest innovations in 2020: Opened an office in Porto as part of a planned international expansion

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