The big name global TMCs with a presence in multiple European markets are shaping up for a fascinating post-pandemic showdown. Disruptive upstarts from the technology sector, pumped up with cheap venture capital money, are beginning to park their tanks on the legacy TMCs’ lawns and they do not like it. The new players don’t have the legacies to support them that the longer established names have but they are nevertheless winning business. Meanwhile, the legacy players argue that the new entrants don’t have the level of service they can offer. What they have in common, however, is that both groups are seemingly on the M&A trail. Read more about the 'European super league' or discover the continent's largest TMCs below.

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Discover the background to Europe’s multinational TMCs whose presence span the continent, read analysis of the UK, French and German TMC markets, and explore the mergers and acquisitions reshaping the industry