BTN Business Travel Europe Special Report


A special report from the BTN Group

REDUCE emissions, mitigate them, and lastly, offset them – that is the hierarchy of one corporate’s efforts to reduce the environmental impact of their business travel activity. You’ll find case studies from organisations in the UK, Denmark and the United States in BTN Europe’s first sustainable travel report, each charting the respective challenges they face as they progress towards environmental targets. What they have in common, together with many of the industry’s suppliers covered within this report, is that they are taking their responsibility to minimise their impact seriously – and so must we all.

Environmental sustainability was already on the corporate travel industry’s agenda, but the Covid-19 pandemic has brought it right to the fore and given organisations the opportunity to position business travel’s recovery within a framework of new, greener policies. Research carried out by BTN and featured within this report shows that health and risk concerns are, understandably, travel managers’ number one priority currently. Sustainability was the second priority for European buyers but only fourth among North American respondents.

It’s a notable discrepancy and is perhaps indicative of the many issues we’re grappling with. Business travel in a post-Covid world is going to look very different and considerably more complex. Every trip will face more scrutiny than ever before, and not only because of environmental concerns. Nevertheless, buyers and suppliers must work together to mitigate this industry’s environmental impact, and to prioritise it. We hope this issue will help you on your own journey towards a more sustainable business travel programme.

Black and white line drawing Andy Hoskins editor

Andy Hoskins, Editor in Chief, BTN Europe

Andy Hoskins, Editor in Chief, BTN Europe


The data that shows buyers' changing attitudes to sustainable travel