White Papers

In its third year, the Innovate Conference for the Advancement of Business Travel offered business travel executives the opportunity to articulate priorities and recommendations about five of the biggest challenges facing corporate travel buyers and suppliers:

• Corporate Travel Policy & the Sharing Economy
• The Business Case for End-to-End Travel Management Solutions
• Behind the Curtain of Revenue Management
• Sharing & Protecting Managed Travel Data

The BTN Group worked first with its advisory board and then with a dedicated steering committee to identify the focus topics for 2016. Business Travel News editors recruited leading business travel buyers to form task force groups to identify specific concerns and posit new ideas for moving the practice, tools and objectives of business travel management into the future. Think tank sessions held during the BTN Group Innovate 2016 Conference validated concerns and fleshed out innovation concepts. These white papers consolidate the information and ideas shared during those sessions. They are meant as a starting point for exploring innovation for your travel program in the face of business challenges and industry evolution.