Key information

Companies using the tool Not disclosed
Number of users/seats Not disclosed
Number of bookings handled annually Not disclosed
Total transaction volume annually Not disclosed
Frequency of updates
Type of company Travel management company (CWT)
Main markets Global

Pricing model

Set‐up fees No
Ongoing fixed costs No
Transaction fees Flat fee per booking


Air Air booking is available on myCWT in over 50 countries. CWT’s multi-source air hub provides global air content, including low-cost content, via Sabre and Amadeus global distribution system partners and aggregators, including Travelfusion. New content sources can be integrated. NDC bookings are available on myCWT as content is made available by airlines. Intelligent Display technology provides clients with tailorable, AI-powered displays that help them ensure the most relevant air options for their travellers.
Accommodation Accommodation content offered via Sabre and Amadeus GDSs and aggregators like and Expedia. 'All access' technology ensures the same search provides the same content across myCWT, desktop self-booking tools and counsellor channels. MyCWT also leverages Intelligent Display capabilities to allow clients to tailor the hotel experience to ensure travellers can more easily find relevant business-ready hotel options.
Rail myCWT provides rail content in key European markets – including the UK, Spain, France and Germany – in addition to markets like China and India.
Car Global car rental content is available on myCWT mobile and web via Sabre and Amadeus GDS partners. In the future, it plans to expand car rental content to regional and local providers, as well as incorporating broad applications such as pre-booked black cars and transfers, and on-demand car content.
NDC content and other direct connects CWT created the industry's first NDC booking. myCWT's multi-source content strategy has the ability to access GDS and non-GDS aggregator content from more than 40 NDC full-service airlines.

Key staff

CEO Michelle McKinney Frymire
President/chief commercial officer Patrick Andersen
Chief financial officer Bill Courtney
Chief customer officer Nick Vournakis
Chief traveler experience officer Derek Sharp

What the company says

According to the company, it has evolved to provide travellers “with the most efficient, safe and secure travel experience.” The user-friendly platform has been enriched to offer one-touch accurate and safe travel guidelines, trip disruption alerts, and pro-active hotel booking recommendations. Coming in 2022 is “Connect with colleagues while travelling”, designed to enable travellers to share their plans with colleagues. In 2021, CWT made its hybrid human/bot messaging application available 24/7 globally in both English and Spanish (with French and German to come), giving travellers access to a CWT travel counsellor immediately on-the-go, without needing to phone or email. myCWT Messaging was also integrated into enterprise applications like MS Teams.

What buyers say

Buyers commented that they liked the myCWT chat functionality and ability to service bookings through the app. They did not view the myCWT app as a primary booking tool, noting some gaps like inability to book car rental. One buyer said they were looking at the tool as "a backup" to their primary partner, and would likely look to use the two in tandem, getting benefits from both.

What consultants say

None of the consultants BTN Europe spoke to considered myCWT primarily a booking tool. The mobile app itself is viewed as a travel companion tool for travellers with hotel booking included. "It is more about itinerary management and capturing traveller engagement," said one, and noted that hotel bookings would sync up with data from other booking tools like Concur and deliver the all-in-one itinerary and destination information to the user. "They work beautifully together, but no one sunsets the OBT to go to myCWT," said one consultant. The app allows "simple air bookings" according to the CWT website, but one consultant said additional air booking efforts for myCWT were underway.