(BCD Travel)

Key information

Companies using the tool 11,600
Number of users/seats 1.2 million registered users
Number of bookings handled annually Not disclosed
Total transaction volume annually Not disclosed
Frequency of updates
Type of company Travel management company (BCD Travel)
Main markets Global

Pricing model

Set-up fees No
Ongoing fixed costs No
Transaction fees No charge for hotel and car bookings. Flat fee for air bookings


Air TripSource features GDS, low-cost carrier and NDC content tailored to clients’ travel programme and policy.
Accommodation Content includes accommodation from GDS, OTAs and aggregators, direct connects and private channel/non-GDS content unique to client.
Rail TripSource offers a punchout to rail providers.
Car Configurable content from all major GDSs.
NDC content and other direct connects TripSource offers NDC content from multiple airlines and is aligned with other BCD platforms to ensure travellers benefit from comprehensive servicing capabilities for these bookings.

Key staff

President & CEO John Snyder
Global COO & CCO Mike Janssen
Global CFO Cees Batenburg
EVP technology, products & innovation Russ Howell
EVP global sales & marketing Jorge Cruz
EVP global client team Teri Miller

What the company says

The company describes TripSource as “the ultimate travel companion that keeps travellers organised, informed and in programme.” Travellers have instant access to trip details, shopping and booking options, check-in reminders, real-time flight notifications, risk alerts, trip sharing and more. A single platform powers both TripSource and AgentSource providing content and policy parity across online and offline booking channels including third party online booking tools, says the company. Its biggest innovation in 2021 was TripSource messaging , a traveller engagement tool that “boosts traveller confidence” by keeping travellers connected and in-the-know before, during and after the trip with trip messages, travel policy, risk alerts and more.

What buyers say

One enterprise-level US travel buyer called TripSource a "great app" and offered praise, in particular, for its Covid-19 resources which they called "a go-to resource for our entire global crisis team." Buyers criticised the tool's lack of customisation options or white labelling. None of the buyers BTN Europe spoke to considered using it as a primary booking tool.

What consultants say

Consultants noted TripSource was built on a foundation of GetGoing technology, which BCD Travel bought in 2016. It originally was an accommodation-focused app before evolving into itinerary management. As such, it is used by most clients as a travel companion app, rather than as a booking tool. No consultants BTN Europe spoke to considered TripSource a replacement for a primary booking tool, although it does sync with booking tools and enable a broad selection of accommodation content from GDS sources and aggregators. One consultant said air bookings were a continued effort but they did not have insight into timing or strategy.