Key information

Companies using the tool 5,000
Number of users/seats Not disclosed
Number of bookings handled annually Not disclosed
Total transaction volume annually Not disclosed
Frequency of updates
Type of company Online travel management platform
Main markets Global

Pricing model

Set-up fees Yes
Ongoing fixed costs No
Transaction fees No


Air Partners with Sabre and Amadeus for GDS content and works through Travelfusion for low-cost carriers. It offers a direct connection to Southwest Airlines. It partners with multiple North American and European carriers for NDC content.
Accommodation Content for 1.2 million properties given through multiple sources including direct connect and partner ABC Consortia. Sources through both Priceline Partner Network and Expedia Partner Solutions to offer a robust content solution for clients.
Rail Eurostar, DB, SNCF Thalys, UK rail and Amtrak inventory with pipeline on Renfe, Italo, SNCB, NS International, SJ and SBB.
Car Sources car rental content from GDSs and Priceline. Inventory comes from over 35 agencies around the world and includes specially discounted pricing. Also connects with over 5,000 black car services and integrates itineraries with Lyft, Uber and Grab.
NDC and other direct connects NDC with United and Lufthansa group with other carriers in the pipeline. Direct connection with Southwest Airlines for self-service, early check-in and unused ticket use.

Key staff

Chief executive officer Ariel Cohen
Chief technology officer Ilan Twig
Chief marketing officer Meagen Eisenberg
General manager travel Nina Herold
Chief commercial officer Danny Finkel
Chief revenue officer Grant McGrail

What the company says

“TripActions handles booking, inventory and payment [and] expense in an all-in-one platform,” according to the company. TripActions rolled out its payment and expense platform Liquid in 2020 and expanded that functionality to Europe in 2021 via a partnership with Stripe to issue US dollar-, British pound- , and euro-denominated smart virtual cards and physical cards in the region. It also partnered strategically with Lufthansa in 2021 to target the small- and midsize clients enrolled in the carrier’s SME corporate discount programmes with a version of the TripActions booking platform.
Asked about the company’s most important innovation in 2021, it identified Covid information and documentation functionalities: “TripActions integrated health passport and Covid-19 change notifications, allowing travellers to upload and manage documentation and stay informed of destination-specific restriction changes, directly in the app.”

What buyers says

Buyers praised TripActions’ content-agnostic approach and the ability to work with a single instance of the booking tool and content across all the markets in these buyers’ programmes (who were Western Europe heavy). They also noted TripActions’ swift implementations and that travellers enjoy the user experience. More than one buyer specifically commented on the willingness of TripActions to “work with the needs of the business,” as one put it, and another said they had negotiated in their contract for 90-day turn around on additional feature requirements. Rapid technology rollouts were valued by buyers, but several noted that new features can be “buggy” when they are introduced, with the company biased toward speed to market. Buyers commented on the system’s easy access to travel and expense management data for programme administration. They also praised the recently introduced Covid-19 health information and notifications.

What consultants say

“The tool itself is very impressive,” one consultant told BTN Europe. Another said it was “leaps and bounds ahead of others” in terms of mobile capabilities and chat functions. But one consultant criticised TripActions’ hype as “mostly based on sales pitch rather than people living with the tool.” Consultants speculated that TripActions’ Reed & Mackay acquisition was at least partially a strategy to get true travel and service expertise into the company. While TripActions has claimed it can serve large multinational companies, consultants told BTN Europe the tech/TMC is missing some basic requirements for those clients – specifically, that customer service and reporting quality were weak. TripActions’ sweet spot remains in the small- to midmarket. That said, two consultants believed that, with time, TripActions would figure it out.