Key information

Companies using the tool Not disclosed
Number of users/seats Not disclosed
Number of bookings handled annually Not disclosed 
Total transaction volume annually
Not disclosed
Frequency of updates Every two weeks
Type of company Technology provider (Deem)
Main markets Global

Pricing model

Set-up fees Yes
Ongoing fixed costs Yes
Transaction fees Customised per client


Air Etta pulls in content from all major global distribution system players Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport. It direct connects to Southwest Airlines and brings in content from 20 regional and low-cost carriers via Travelfusion. FlightView, Google ITA and ATPCO, including RouteHappy’s Universal Ticket Attributes and Universal Produce Attributes.
Accommodation Users access more than one million properties through GDS providers and integrations. Clients that use BCD Travel as their travel management company have the option to enable TripSource accommodation content.
Rail Global rail options are delivered via integrations with Amtrak, Eurostar, SilverRail and VIA Rail. The company said a Trainline integration was coming soon.
Car Deem serves as a content aggregator in car service for other providers, delivering 5,000 affiliate operators in 85 countries plus National Car & Driver in China. It offers major car rental companies through the GDS, while a direct connect with Enterprise delivers unique content from Enterprise and National car rental companies. Deem has announced the industry’s first booking integration with Uber for Business, allowing Etta clients to request on-demand and scheduled rides with Uber’s enterprise arm directly in Etta’s desktop and mobile versions.
NDC and other direct connects Southwest Airlines and Enterprise Holdings Group

Key staff

President David Grace
CRO Christina Woronchak
SVP business development Todd Kaiser
VP product Harper Lieblich
VP marketing Tahnee Perry

What the company says

According to the company, Etta differs from other industry platforms in the comprehensive nature of its content – and particularly its ground transportation content, which other industry tools tap into as an aggregator to deliver the right rides to their own clients. Deem execs also highlighted Etta’s SafetyCheck features that provide health and safety information “built into the booking flow to help guide travellers to safer choices.” Beyond content and guidance, user experience is a Deem priority with intuitive functionalities, like saving a airline seat while continuing a search, trip sharing with other Etta users and its new ride booking integration with Uber for Business. The company also focuses on extending that experience to users that some platforms don’t fully consider. “Etta is designed with accessibility in mind for all users. It addresses vision, hearing loss/deafness, motor and cognitive impairments,” according to Deem execs. It also highlighted easy expense integration with a variety of open API expense platforms. Asked about Etta’s most innovative rollout in 2021, the company highlighted Etta’s new mobile-first booking and management platform. “The mobile-first design of Etta lets travellers book or modify all segments of their trips on iOS or Android,” the company said.

What buyers say

Deem is a recognised leader in ground transportation content, with one buyer calling “it the most comprehensive and competitive… from a car or ground perspective.” Another buyer said, “Etta has affordable prices and plans and can be easily and quickly integrated with distribution platforms such as GDS or OTA.” Users praised the content display and pathways, calling it “intuitive” and noting it “has more features than similar products in the current market.” One buyer spoke of numerous requests in play with Deem and said the provider was good about delivering solutions. On the negative side, some users wanted more frequent updates.

What consultants say

“Deem’s go-to-market strategy requires big market clients,” said one consultant, but that’s not the only client type the company serves. Like buyers, consultants appreciated the user interface. One called Etta “beautiful” and noted some success with bids among their clients base. Etta falls short, according to consultants, with its largely GDS-based content strategy and not enough rail content.