Concur Travel

(SAP Concur)

Key information

Companies using the tool Concur Travel & Expense is the most widely adopted corporate T&E solution globally. According to IDC, it owns 51.5 per cent market share.
Number of users/seats 75 million+ end users booking travel and/or processing expenses
Number of bookings handled annually Not disclosed
Total transaction volume annually Not disclosed
Frequency of updates Monthly, on average. Open platform allows new partners to be added regularly
Type of company Technology provider
Regions served Global

Pricing model

Set-up fee Depends on the size and type of implementation/solution chosen and size of business
Ongoing fixed costs
Depends on what solutions and add-on packages have been purchased
Transaction fees
Flat fee per booking (if bought via a TMC) or on a bundled subscription basis (if bought direct as there may be other solutions purchased at the time)


Air GDS agnostic and sources non-GDS content from industry leading aggregators. Air content includes all global full-service airlines and a majority of low-cost carriers. Concur also offers a TripLink product that enables connected travellers who need to book directly with key airlines to do so and still receive their corporate discounts, while enabling the travel manager to enforce travel policy and aggregate the data of direct-booked travel with OBT-booked travel. Participating suppliers include American Airlines, British Airways, Delta Airlines, Lufthansa Airlines, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines.
Accommodation GDS, non-GDS, major aggregators such as HRS,, global travel management company aggregated hotel platforms from CWT, Amex GBT, BCD Travel, FCM and others. The TripLink direct-booking solution is enabled for key hotel suppliers. Participating portfolios include InterContinental Hotels, Marriott Hotels, HRS, Hyatt Hotels and
Rail Operators in 17 markets across North America, EMEA and Asia-Pacific. The most recent addition to Concur Travel’s desktop and mobile solutions is Renfe in Spain which includes corporate fares, seat maps and online cancellation. The TripLink direct-booking solution is enabled for key rail suppliers. Participating suppliers include Trainline and Amtrak.
Car GDS and aggregators. The tool allows for collection and pick-up, home delivery and fleet. The TripLink direct-booking solution is enabled for key car rental suppliers as well. Participating suppliers include Avis North America, Hertz and Sixt.
NDC and other direct connects SAP Concur uses a third-party aggregator, Travelfusion, to help enable NDC content where warranted. Current NDC content from American Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa Group and United Airlines is available. In addition, through the TripLink product, travellers can typically obtain all the benefits of NDC content by booking directly with the participating suppliers, but TMC servicing may be limited.

Key staff

Vice president, global travel strategy, SAP Concur Brian Hace
Chief operating officer and SVP strategic planning, SAP Concur Charlie Sultan
Chief technology officer, SAP Concur Fred Fredericks
Chief revenue officer, SAP Concur Doug Adamic

What the company says

According to the company, SAP Concur offers a secure, scalable global spend management solution, providing customers with spend enablement and settlement solutions overlaid with governance, oversight and control. The integration from Concur Travel to Concur Expense and the broader suite of SAP products allows customers to have a seamless experience. Concur Travel can be used with a large number of travel management companies and all major global distribution systems. Combining Concur products with app centre partner solutions allows customers the flexibility to build a “connected global digital ecosystem” that aligns with specific objectives. The company touted its award-winning Tripit app as a valuable traveller companion as companies manage the return to travel.

What buyers say

A central reason for buyers using Concur is the integration with Concur’s expense tool making end-to-end integration very simple, especially if the corporation is using the SAP enterprise resource planning system. Many users cited cost as a key reason for choosing the tool. A number of buyers complained that the interface is “not modern” or “old-style” and that booking takes too many clicks. Some felt that the pace of innovation was too slow and that the development cycle for seemingly simple fixes too lengthy. Several respondents to BTN Europe’s user survey said that the customisation options were limited.

What consultants say

Customers feed off one another in terms of complaints directed at this dominant market leader, consultants acknowledged. Concur makes purchase justification, reconciliation, expense and travel reporting pretty easy if clients seamlessly connect the functions. But with their marketshare and the data they command, they could do more – including better implementation support. One problem, said every consultant BTN Europe spoke to, is that the company leads with expense and captures travel as a secondary play. The company hasn’t invested enough in travel since its acquisition by SAP. But, said one consultant, “they are now talking about upgrades and enhancements” in 2022.