7th in Italy

Via Martin Luther King 38/2, 40132 Bologna


Key people

Riccardo Zanotto, Managing director
Silvia Cimoli, Sales and account manager
Enrico Flammini, IT support
Flavia d'Angelo, Client relations
Mara Durigon, Team leader

Main industry sectors

Manufacturing, packaging, construction, fashion, entertainment, automotive, food and beverage, banking and insurance

Other services

MICE and event management, consultancy, data reporting and analytics

Type of company



• Online 20%
• Air 70% / Hotel 20% / Rail 3% / Car 2% / MICE 4% / Other 1%
• Short-haul 40% / Long-haul 60%

Top destinations

Short-haul Paris, Frankfurt, London
Long-haul New York, Sao Paulo, Beijing, Mexico City, Dubai

Office locations

Bologna, Milano, Parma, Udine, Treviso

Association and network membership

Radius Travel

Italy full-time equivalent staff


Average length of service

10 years

Average industry experience

10 years


Sabre, Amadeus

Online booking tools

SAP Concur, Click&Go (proprietary)

Expense management tools

SAP Concur

Other technology

Sabre, mobile app (Trip Case), traveller profile suite, rail (Trenitalia) reporting tool (proprietary)

NDC content


Key innovations in 2021

Invested heavily in technology. Signed new partnership with Radius Travel and deal with MUGO to monitor and reduce the climate impact of clients’ business trips.