29th in the UK

Building 7, Berkeley Business Park, Wainwright Road, Worcester, WR4 9FA


Key people

Simon Scott, Chairman
Nick Scott, Managing director
Kim Henstock, Revenue director
Gavin Poole, Finance director
Sophie Holtom, Business services manager

Main industry sectors

Charity, car manufacturing, retail, housing association, IT service, apprenticeship, insurance

Other services

Accommodation, venue sourcing, incentive travel, leisure travel (independent travel agency)

Type of company

Family business, privately owned


• Online 43%
• Air 5% / Hotel 84% / Rail 2% / Car 1% / MICE 7% / Other 1%
• Short-haul 96% / Long-haul 4%

Top destinations

Short-haul Krakow, Glasgow, Belfast, Amsterdam, Edinburgh
Long-haul Melbourne, Istanbul, Kiev, Cairo, Tokyo

Office locations

Worcester, Shropshire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire

Association and network membership

Advantage Travel Partnership, Focus Travel Partnership, WIN Travel Network, ABC Global Services, BTA

UK full-time equivalent staff


Average length of service

14 years

Average industry experience

16 years



Online booking tools

arrangeMY Trip (SABS)

Expense management tools

Certify, Chrome River

Other technology

arrangeMY Trip app, arrangeMY data online real time MI reporting, HotBOT hotel booking optimisation tool, AMBER apprentice course and accommodation management system

NDC content


Key innovations in 2021

Development of AMBER systems and continued rollout to clients