15th in the UK

160 Falcon Road, London, SW11 2LN


Key people

Colin Goldney, Managing director, SVP Europe
Simon Dugan, Head of business development, Europe
Cleide Cordoba, Head of client services, Europe
Bengt Georgsen, Country manager, Nordics

Main industry sectors

Energy, investment banking, legal, manufacturing, marine, media, pharmaceuticals, private equity, security

Other services


Type of company

Private limited company


• Online 8%
• Air 66% / Hotel 23% / Rail 4% / Car 3% / MICE 4% / Other 0%
• Short-haul 62% / Long-haul 38%

Top destinations

Short-haul Aberdeen, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Madrid, Paris
Long-haul Boston, Dubai, Los Angeles, New York, Washington DC

Office locations

Aberdeen, London. Main global hubs:  Cape Town, Dubai, Houston, Johannesburg, Manila, Ontario, Rio, Singapore, Stavanger

Association and network membership

Advantage Travel Partnership, BTA

Full-time equivalent staff

46 in UK, 287 globally

Average length of service

7 years

Average industry experience

15 years


Sabre, Amadeus

Online booking tools

Amadeus cytric, GetThere, SAP Concur

Expense management tools

SAP Concur

Other technology

Alchimea, Conferma Pay

NDC content

Yes, HitchHiker

Key innovations in 2021

Introduction of hybrid working and multi-regional servicing