23rd in the UK

Millshaw, Ring Road, Beeston, Leeds, LS11 8EG


Key people

Paul Millington, Group managing director
Gareth Pickup, Group finance director
Hayley Collingswood, Group head of marketing
Eric Edwards, Client services director, sports & groups
Emma Forrestall, Operations director
Maggie Monteith, Client services director, corporate

Main industry sectors

Energy, financial services, media and film, sports, groups, legal, manufacturing, retail, food/drink, engineering, corporate

Other services

Travel audit and consultancy, travel policy development and management, project management software, meetings and events, traveller tracking, risk assessment

Type of company

Private limited company

Transactions handled online


Office locations

Leeds, Edinburgh, London

Association and network membership

BTA, Focus Travel Partnership

UK full-time equivalent staff


Average length of service

9 years

Average industry experience

16 years


Amadeus, Travelport

Online booking tools

Ventur self-booking tool (SABS)

Other technology

Trip Assist trip manager app (Travelport), insight dashboards (Travelogix), Ventur mobile app, bespoke sports and groups portal, traveller tracking and duty of care reporting

Key innovations in 2021

Rebranded as Ventur and relaunched as 'The Travel Partner' for clients