8th in Europe
Combined global sales 2019-2021
€4.1 billion (estimated)

17 avenue Honoré Serres, 31 000 Toulouse, France


Key people

Jean-Noël Lefeuvre, Chief executive officer
Patricia Morosini, Director of business travel
Frédéric Garcia, Development director
Frédéric Desbree, Sales account manager
Laurent Abitbol, President, executive board

Number of offices/locations globally

1,175 points of sale (France), 3,300 (globally)

Members include

Ailleurs Business, Bleu Voyages, Préférence, Rayssac Voyages, Verdié Business

Consortium airfares

Access through Radius Travel

Consortium hotel programme

Access through Radius Travel

Other consortium benefits

Three iRes booking tools (KDS) for different sizes of organisation- iRes Portail, iRes Corpo, iRes Pro. iReport expense management. OptimR airfare reshopping, SecuritR traveller tracking, Smart mobile app. Wonder Booking, developed by Polish developer WonderMiles (30 per cent owned by GIE ASHA), gives access to GDS content, direct connects and NDC content. Global network of Radius Travel

Key innovations in 2021

Increased roll-out of Smart app. Signed partnerships with LeCab and OpenFly