27th in the UK

Kingsway House 103 Kingsway London WC2B 6QX


Key people

Gloria Bohan, President
Goran Gligorovic, Executive vice president
Francesco Deluca, Regional director EMEA
Stephen Mihlfried, Director of finance

Main industry sectors

Financial services, banking, US, UK government, engineering, marine, oil & gas, crew management, pharmaceutical, design, media, education

Other services

Strategic meetings and venue finding services, groups and events, account reconciliation services, global consultancy and advisory services

Type of company

Private limited company, part of Omega World Travel Inc 


• Online 70%
• Air 30% / Hotel 38% / Rail 24% / Car 2% / MICE 6% / Other 0%
• Short-haul 40% / Long-haul 60%

Top destinations

Short-haul Dublin, Aberdeen, Istanbul, Copenhagen, Bergen  
Long-haul Dubai, Manila, Singapore, Rio, Curaçao, Moscow

Office locations

London West End, Chelmsford, Washington and 20 locations across USA and Middle East 

Association and network membership

Advantage Travel Partnership, Focus Travel Partnership, GlobalStar, WIN Travel Network, BTA, GBTA

UK full-time equivalent staff


Average length of service

15 years

Average industry experience

20 years


Sabre, Amadeus

Online booking tools

Amadeus cytric, GetThere, SAP Concur

Expense management tools

Chrome River, SAP Concur

Other technology

Omegalytics MI reporting (proprietary), Omega Go itinerary management, Omega Fare Check

NDC content


Key innovations in 2021

Covid testing services and launch of Omega Plus online booking tool in USA