7th in Europe
Combined global sales 2019-2021
€4.49 billion

Lyoner Str. 36, 60528 Frankfurt, Germany


Key people

Martina Groenegres, Managing director
Siiri Palisaar, Senior director
Anke Steinhauer, Head of global marketing and events
Savio Monsorate ,Senior product and programme manager
Andrej Skraba, Senior account manager
Daphne Pallikaraki, Senior account manager

Number of members globally


Number of offices/locations globally


Members include

Good Travel Management (UK), Globéo Travel (France), Schooner Viaggi (Italy), Bestours (Spain), eTravel (Poland), Omnia Travel (Belgium), Mondial Business Travel (Austria), Travac Business Travel (Switzerland)

Technology offered to members

Distribution platforms by Atriis, Symphony by AARON group, dcsplus, Air Gateway, Snowstorm, Innstant Travel and Pass Consulting Group, online booking solutions Amadeus cytric, Onesto, Atlatos and Concur, Profile by Umbrella, reporting solutions by IBank, expense management by Concur, duty of care solutions by Passolution and A3M

Consortia airfares

No. LCC members have access to the full-service consolidator Aerticket

Consortium hotel programme

Hotel programme covers more than 40,000 hotels at preferred rates, in 8,500 cities in 170 countries around the world, with a specific add-on premium hotel collection for 1,200 luxury and premium properties all over the globe.

Other consortium benefits

LCC members benefit from a leading brand whilst keeping their entrepreneurial freedom, global purchasing power with a wide collection of suppliers worldwide a growing global network in 88 countries and a comprehensive suite of technologies and tools. LCC members may further grow with special competencies through like-minded expert circles, e.g. marine and offshore, meetings & events. Access to a global LCC-DMC network with handpicked and tailor-made offers in over 75 countries worldwide

Key innovations in 2021

Continuing to make a positive impact on sustainability. While LCC has been ISO 14001 certified as a business for more than a decade, it is also actively encouraging all agencies to get sustainability certifications by developing green travel and CO2 offsetting programmes and actively offering sustainable aviation fuels on Lufthansa Group flights to corporate customers