9th in Europe
Combined global sales 2019-2021
€3.75 billion (estimated)

120-124 Peascod Street, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 1DP


Key people

Richard Lovelock, Chief executive officer
Hans Dahl, Chief technology officer
Kristel Osborn, Director of hotel programmes
Mary-Anne Swart, Online projects director
Jean-Claude Fert, Chairman

Number of members globally


Number of offices/locations globally


Members include

Fert Voyage (Switzerland), VB Group (Spain), Regent International (Italy), Top Rejser (Denmark), Aktina Travel (Greece), First Business Travel (Germany), Lupus Travel (Hungary), TQ Travel Quality (Portugal)

Technology offered to members

Global online booking platform (Amadeus cytric), Ypsilon, Microsoft, conovum, Amadeus Mobile Messenger, Riskline, Cornerstone, Travelogix, Podio, MobileXpense. ABC CCRA Global Services, NDC, Multinational Infrastructure, Global Identity, eGlobal Fares, Havens

Consortium airfares

ITP FareSaver in conjunction with eGlobalfares, marine fares in conjunction with specialist partners

Consortium hotel programme

ITP Global Hotel Programme and ABC CCRA Global Services including Havens

Other consortium benefits

Global Identity, multinational infrastructure, RFI/RFP coordination, local & multinational data, Support for clients outside home market, sales support, marketing support, network sharing knowledge and experience, technology solutions consultation

Key innovations in 2021

Creation of the online global platform and multinational infrastructure. This allows clients to adopt a global online booking tool, making use of ITP partners or retaining their TMC in some markets where they are satisfied with the services