13th in the UK

The Octagon, 27 Middleborough, Colchester, Essex, CO1 1TG


Key people

Suzanne Horner, Chief executive officer
David Bishop, Chief operating officer
Richard Allardice, Chief financial officer
Sophie Taylor, Chief technology officer
Warren Dix, Chief commercial officer
Fergus Glenapp, Chairman

Main industry sectors

Fashion, technology, construction, financial services, retail, luxury goods and professional sport

Other services

Gray Dawes Events (MICE), Gray Dawes Holidays luxury leisure travel, Gray Dawes Consulting

Type of company

Private limited company


• Online 60%
• Air 29% / Hotel 37% / Rail 28% / Car 2% / MICE 2% / Other 2%
• Short-haul 68% / Long-haul 32%

Top destinations

Short-haul Milan, Amsterdam, Munich, Madrid, Frankfurt
Long-haul New York, Dubai, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Cape Town

Office locations

London, Manchester, Colchester, Leamington Spa

Association and network membership

Advantage Travel Partnership, BTA

UK full-time equivalent staff


Average length of service

14 years

Average industry experience

19 years

Online booking tools

Atriis, SAP Concur

Expense management tools

Certify, Chrome River, SAP Concur

Other technology

YourTrip+ AI booking recommendations engine (Grapevine),  YourData reporting suite (Microsoft PowerBI), YourProfile profile management tool (proprietary), YourMeeting meetings management tool (Hubli),  YourHub invoice storage and itinerary management tool (proprietary)

NDC content

YourTrip and YourTrip+ via Atriis and Grapevine

Key innovations in 2021

Developed a 'retailing strategy' for offering business travel to clients, using the Yourtrip Platform. This uses artificial intelligence to offer an end-to-end product across all booking channels, increase spend visibility and control and allow total trip cost management. It reduces the time to book and ensures that changes/cancellations cover all products booked from multiple suppliers.