6th in Europe
Combined global sales 2019-2021
€5.48 billion

Suite 1, Lower Ground Floor, One George Yard, London, EC3V 9DF


Key people

Abby Penston, Chief executive officer
Hazel Dawson, Commercial manager
Dani Ives, Partnership project manager
Anne Marie Crawford, Business development manager

Type of organisation

Private limited company

Number of members globally


Number of offices/locations globally

78 IATAs

Members include

Clyde Travel Management, Click Travel/Travelperk, Marine Travel, ABT-UK, Norad Travel Group, Travel Planet, Beyond Business Travel, Chartwell Travel (part of Ovation Group), Frosch

Technology offered to members

Focus FareFinder airfare tool, Focus PinPoint duty of care tool which includes a Brexit counter, Focus Window tool to maximise commercial revenue at point of booking, Atriis and Amadeus cytric online booking tools.

Consortium airfares

Airfare programme with privately negotiated fares plus bespoke fares to suit the needs of each individual TMC (eg marine, entertainment, academic etc)

Consortium hotel programme

WIN Hotel Programme

Other consortium benefits

Centrally negotiated commercial programme, fares support helpdesk, technology support helpdesk, not-for-profit model, everything made is passed back to the TMC, steering groups, HR, legal, marketing and PR advice, events for networking and learning, BTA membership

Key innovations in 2021

Launch of Focus rail programme. There was a big drive on UK recovery in advance of international following the Covid-19 pandemic and with rail being high on the agenda in both TMCs and government especially through recovery and also sustainability helping the UK’s key strategies. Focus provided intel to train operators regarding the SME market throughout this period, which in turn help drive engagement with Rail Delivery group to ensure recommendations from the William Shapps review were incorporated into future developments.