28th in the UK

104-105 High Street, Eton, Windsor, Berkshire, SL4 6AF


Key people

Chris Thelen, CEO
James O’Donnell, Key partnerships director
Claire Lucas, Corporate travel manager
Chris Klinker, Head of specialist sales
Alison Rodgers, Head of VIP and entertainment
Martin Boone, Head of pharma

Main industry sectors

Pharmaceutical, IT, finance, retail, manufacturing, legal, consulting, music, entertainment, sport, charity, missionary, academia

Other services

MICE, group travel, VIP travel services, luxury leisure

Type of company

Private limited company


• Online 40%
• Air 59% / Hotel 20% / Rail 10% / Car 1% / MICE 5% / Other 5%
• Short-haul 20% / Long-haul 80%

Top destinations

Short-haul Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Geneva, Amsterdam, Paris
Long-haul Tokyo, New York, San Francisco, Dubai, Los Angeles

Office locations

Eton, Wokingham, Cork

Association and network membership

Advantage Travel Partnership, WIN Travel Network, American Express GBT Travel Partner Network, BTA

UK full-time equivalent staff


Average length of service

14 years

Average industry experience

20 years



Online booking tools

SAP Concur

Expense management tools

SAP Concur

Other technology

Analytix business intelligence solution

NDC content

Via GDS and SAP Concur

Key innovations in 2021

Eton Travel was acquired by Chris Thelen, CEO of TakeTwo Travel Solutions, in January 2022, "ensuring continuity of service for Eton clients post-Covid and safeguarding highly experienced talent".