19th in the UK

9-10 Staple Inn, London, WC1V 7QH


Key people

Christopher Airey, Managing director
Eddie Shaw, Finance director
Samantha Whittle, Commercial director
Stu Booy, Customer service director
David Coe, Sales director
Jo Strange, Director of account management

Main industry sectors

Charity, academic & non-profit

Other services

Student groups (Diversity study trips), conferences & events, duty of care solutions

Type of company

Private limited company


• Online 48%
• Air 50% / Hotel 18% / Rail 30% / Car 0% / MICE 1% / Other 2%
• Short-haul 31% / Long-haul 69%

Top destinations

Short-haul London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Belfast
Long-haul New York, Nairobi, Dubai, Entebbe, Accra

Office locations

London, Manchester, Washington DC

Association and network membership

Advantage Travel Partnership, Lufthansa City Center, BTA, GBTA

UK full-time equivalent staff


Average length of service

3 years 10 months

Average industry experience

9 years



Online booking tools

Proprietary for flights, hotels, rail, car hire, airport lounges & parking

Expense management tools

Any client expense tool

Other technology

Travel restrictions (sherpa), DT app (mTrip), risk management (TripAgent)

NDC content

Direct connects, Travelport, Travelfusion and Mystifly

Key innovations in 2021

Partnered with sherpa to deliver travel restrictions tool integrated into Diversity’s online environment. Continued improvement and investments in the online booking tools, with focus on user experience and performance.