21st in the UK

Seaforth House, Seaforth Road North, Glasgow, G52 4JQ


Key people

Paul Cronje, Managing director
Melanie Quinn, Head of sales & customer relations
Cameron Bengert, Head of operations
Richard Nicol, Head of supplier relations

Main industry sectors

Marine, offshore, renewables, construction, project management, financial

Other services


Type of company

Private limited company owned by the Northern Marine Group (Stena)


• Online 7%
• Air 75% / Hotel 15% / Rail 3% / Car 6% / MICE 0% / Other 1%
• Short-haul 45% / Long-haul 55%

Top destinations

Short-haul Aberdeen, Gdansk, London, Dublin, Kirkwall, Manchester
Long-haul Tokyo, Manila, Singapore, Doha, Seoul, Cebu

Office locations

Glasgow, Aberdeen, Houston, Gothenburg, Mumbai, Singapore

Association and network membership

Advantage Travel Partnership, Focus Travel Partnership, Radius Travel, WIN Travel Network

UK full-time equivalent staff


Average length of service

9.3 years

Average industry experience

17.5 years


Amadeus, Galileo

Online booking tools

Amadeus cytric, Atriis, SAP Concur, Consort (proprietary)

Other technology

Consort workflow management (Agentivity), Travelogix data centre, Consort CO2 emission data (Thrust Carbon), Compleat GDS workflow management

NDC content

Yes, via Consort booking tool

Key innovations in 2021

Consort crew management flows combined with NDC direct connect