12th in France

213 rue de Gerland, Les Jardins d'entreprise, Bât. B2
69344 Lyon Cedex 07


Key people

Jean-Pierre Lorente, CEO
Nadia Dekhici, Operations director
Karine Krajda, Commercial director
Patrice Genty, Commercial manager

Type of company

Family business

Office locations

Lyon, Nice, Clermont-Ferrand, Roissy, Grenoble, Ajaccio, Archamps

Association and network membership

Radius Travel, Selectour

France full-time equivalent staff

230 (including leisure)


Amadeus, Travelport (Galileo), Sabre

Online booking tools

Neo, Traveldoo, The Treep, Carbookr, CDS Groupe, HCorpo

Expense management tools

Notilus, Jenji

Other technology

BleuReport real-time reporting of business travel activity filtered by mode of travel, employee, online adoption rate, CO2 consumption. Home to home app. CDS Groupe.