43rd in the UK

Scottish Provident Building, Belfast, Co Antrim BT1 6JH


Key people

Edel Doherty, Chief executive officer
Shauna Burns, Managing director
Eamonn Murray, Head of technology

Main industry sectors

Manufacturing, IT, film, construction, engineering, food and drink, professional services

Other services

Conferences, meetings and events, venue finding

Type of company

Private limited company


• Online 50%
• Air 54% / Hotel 26% / Rail 3% / Car 15% / MICE 1% / Other 1%
• Short-haul 35% / Long-haul 19%

Top destinations

Short-haul Heathrow, Dublin, Gatwick, Belfast, Birmingham
Long-haul New York, Dubai, Singapore, Atlanta, Dallas

Office locations

Belfast, Dublin

Association and network membership

Advantage Travel Partnership, Focus Travel Partnership, WIN Travel Network, BTA

UK full-time equivalent staff


Average length of service

9 years

Average industry experience

15 years



Online booking tools

Amadeus cytric, SAP Concur

Expense management tools

SAP Concur, Cytric Expense

Other technology

Amadeus Mobile Messenger

NDC content


Key innovations in 2021

Used 2021 as an opportunity to make some major decisions in terms of infrastructure, migrations projects and rebuilding website. Offering full end-to-end travel and expense to clients. Became fulfilment partner of SAP Concur.  Invested in a new global head of technology who is currently working on projects with an education technology partner to improve the client experience.