2nd in Europe
Combined global sales 2019-2021
€21.1 billion

Regus, Eagle House, 167 City Road, London EC1V 1AW


Key people

Julia Lo Bue-Said, Chief executive officer
Sonia Michaels, Head of global business travel & Events
John Hobbs-Hurrell, Head of Advantage global network
Andy Boorman, Business development manager
Kate Wye, Business development manager
Claudia Collins, Partnerships manager

Number of members globally

420 (317 UK / 103 ROW)

Number of offices/locations globally

84 countries: 609 locations (UK) 5,700 (ROW)

Members include

Voyages Gallia (France), Schmetterling (Germany), Alma Travel (Italy), InOut Travel (Spain), TravelCare (Portugal), Globetrotter (Switzerland), Internet Corporate & Leisure Limited (Ireland)

Technology offered to members

GDS (Travelport), NDC booking platform (Air Gateway), global airfare collaboration platform (eGlobalFares), carbon reporting and offset (Thrust Carbon), traveller safety and risk management (Crisis24, Securewest, GoPass Global), payments solutions (Conferma), data automation & MI reporting (Travelogix & Grasp Technologies), data capture and itinerary intelligence (Traxo), mid & back office solutions (Midoco, Procon), profile management solutions (Umbrella), mobile communication tool (Kudos), visa services (CIBT & Visa Dash), hotel commission collection (CTS Solutions), AI-powered ancillary product attachment (Grapevine), ground transportation / mobility platform Travel (Jyrney), Hero training app (in-house)

Consortium airfares

The Advantage Air programme offers access to nett fare content from up to 50 airlines supported by a centrally managed Advantage Fares Desk service

Consortium hotel programme

The Global Accommodation Programme (GAP) by Advantage is available for all Advantage members to book via their GDS. The programme features four exclusive rate codes and offers thousands of accommodation options from global chain hotels to independent properties and serviced apartments providers

Other consortium benefits

Portfolio of market-leading commercial agreements, resource-saving business tools; marketing support; consultancy in a variety of areas, an extensive programme of conferences and events including The Advantage Conference, ITMC Summit & Global Business Travel Symposium, The Advantage Training Academy, Travel Hero, member strategy groups, meetings & events programme, DMC network, Advantage Financial Services, Advantage Fares Desk, members' Intranet, ATOL Solution, Managed Services and Homeworking models

Key innovations in 2021

Launch of The Global Business Travel Review, a data driven co-created report in collaboration with Travelogix to analyse the global business travel market. Campaigning and lobbying efforts including participation in a number of government-led initiatives, including feeding into the International Travel Review led by the UK Department for Transport. Launch of the Advantage Mobility Hub in partnership with ground transport partner Jyrney. Rebrand of WIN Global Travel Network to the Advantage Global Network. Global footprint expansion by 15%, adding new partners in four markets: LATAM, Eastern Europe, South Africa, Australia